To prolong the life of construction machinery, we must insist on the use of "two set three guarantees" system (set of people, machines, bag use, including storage, including maintenance), machinery operators to do the "three understanding" China Concrete Vibrator Hose (understand structure , understand the principle, understand performance), "four" (will use, will be maintained, checks will be troubleshooting), the correct use of machinery, strict implementation of safety technical operation, and machinery and equipment to implement the target cost management, the operator economic and mechanical royalties (such as fuel electricity costs, maintenance costs, maintenance costs, tools, etc.) linked to the machine control officers and strengthen professional ethics education and training. It should be an often overlooked problem particularly pointed out that the impact of environmental factors due to the use of firewood machinery.


Most construction machinery is the open-air jobs, job sites change frequently so its performance by the job site temperatures, a great influence chlorine pressure, pollution, traffic and weather and other factors. Many construction units due to neglect the influence of environmental factors on the use of mechanical, failed to take appropriate protective or adaptive measures, resulting in reduced mechanical performance and shorten life, and even lead to accidents. If effective measures at the construction site, such as the construction of access roads remain flat often make timely conservation; rain will puddle on the sidewalk promptly filled, sunny regular watering to reduce dust; local conditions to reduce the slope isochronous repair sidewalk construction, all of the extended favorable mechanical life.

Rammer unique advantages     

Specializing in the production of plate compactor, vibration ram, ram impact compaction machinery and other manufacturers, the companys good product quality, high performance, selling all over the country. Below to find out more of the companys unique advantages rammer, I hope you are interested in!


Rammer series products are small, light weight, concrete vibrator flexible shaft for sale price strengthening capacity, high production efficiency, posted a good edge performance, flexible and easy to operate, safe and reliable, suitable for sand, gravel, concrete and all kinds of sand to soil compaction, more suitable in the compaction of asphalt sand, lean concrete and clay, the product is widely used for a variety of sand, gravel, concrete, asphalt, gravel, concrete and clay compacted smooth, especially for buildings, floors, courtyard, roadbed construction bridge piles, trenches, field, narrow space and other environment, can work in the absence of electricity with oil, competent and medium-sized machine construction tasks can not be completed.